Actually, I've no idea what XTC want in terms of charities... this was my idea. This entire site is meant to be nothing more than a hopefully educational and pleasant diversion for the XTC fan. Still, so many of XTC's songs invite us to open our hearts and minds to the human condition that I decided to devote one small portion of this site to a select few charities whose work seem to fall in line with what I feel are the messages in many of XTC's songs: peace, love and help for all creatures in need of both. I am not affiliated with these organizations in any way and offer you no incentive to donate your time, money or energy to their worthy causes. I do feel that there is a common bond amongst the rabid XTC fan and that the majority of you are intelligent folk keen on making this world a better place. I simply wanted to take this opportunity to make everyone aware that there are things that we can do to help make this world a Garden of Earthly Delights. Please take a look at the charities I've chosen, these organizations very much deserve your attention.