The entire site is a gallery - vast majority of images are elsewhere, duplication is kept to a minimum.

Catherine Vanaria Photography - Catherine Vanaria shot the 12 classic black and whites below - catching the band in rare live form at three different Boston, USA gigs. Click on a slide to view the image in full, and for date and venue. These aren't the only images from those shows - the others will soon be in the list of all known XTC live gigs. Her images are the best black and white concert shots I've seen of XTC, and she sells them at very affordable prices. I urge you to contact her, click on the image to the left to visit her site, and purchase some images for yourself. Thank you Cathy.

Ed Murphy Photography - Ed was kind enough to supply me with these fantastic shots of the full-throttle touring machine that was XTC - November 21, 1980. There are six other shots too (My Bird Performed/Gig List section) from this gig at the University of Illinois, Circle Campus, Chicago, IL. Click on the image, to the left, to visit his website.Thank you Ed.

Mark Garland Photography - Mark supplied me with these wonderful live shots of XTC @ Gaston Hall, Washington DC - January 24, 1980. There are 12 other shots too, coming soon to the My Bird Performed/Gig List section. Click on the image - to the left - to visit Mark's website. Thank you Mark.

The following 8 shots were provided by Neil Warren, and were taken for an article in The Stranglers' fanzine. For whatever reason the article never happened, and these fantastic Big Express era shots weren't released - until now!

Thanks to Darryl Bullock for these three great shots of Colin playing the Queen's Tap in Swindon, May 5th, 1990.

Rockshots Photography - Bill O'Leary provided these colorful pictures of the touring XTC @ the Capital Theatre, Passaic, NJ - Saturday, April 11, 1981. There are 10 other must-see shots from this gig in the My Bird Performed/Gig List section. Click on the image to the left to visit Mark's website, and buy some great images for yourself! Thank you Mark.

Miscellaneous Debris...